Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thank you Janie!!!

I wanted to say a HUGE Thankyou to Miss Janie for putting this beautiful webpage together for me. I could never have figured it out on my own... Thankyou,thankyou,thankyou Janie for all the time you took to make this so pretty for me. Please take a moment to check out Janie on her YouTube channel & also her adorable blog. Her screen name is the typicalscrapbooker. Don't let the name fool you, she is certainly not typical at all.
I have also uploaded a new video on my Y.T. channel which demos a Easter Card. It is a two-part series due to the fact that my batteries died during the filming of the video.
Thankyou again Janie, I appreciate all you have done for me & also all of you awesome viewers that watch my Y.T. videos.
Big Huggs,
Gale :)


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  2. Aww Mrs.Gale you are so welcome !! It was my pleasure !! It sure turned out too cute !! Love it !! GREAT BIG HUGS, JANIE

  3. I'm totally a "follower" of yours now.....woo-hoo! Janie is just great...she's going to help me with my blog gotta love her. Your blog is cute, cute, I'm so excited for you Gale. Just wanted to stop by and say "Hello" on your blog. I go by scrapaholic, so in case you are wondering who that is, it's me, Silvia!

  4. Hi Gale, you blog looks awesome, great job Janie! You ask me about becoming a follower on my blog, go there and look on the right hand side you will see a button right above the faces that say follow just click on that! It's like three sections down.
    Thanks Gale!

  5. Thanks Girlies!!! I am super jazzed about having this super cute blog. Now I just have to learn how to post pictures & things. But, thankyou for being my first followers!
    Big Warm Huggs,
    Gale X0 X0 X0