Sunday, October 28, 2012

Episode #312 ~ A Package Arrives from Scotland!

Happy Sunday crafty friends,
  I am so excited to share all the goodies that arrived all the way from Scotland! My sweet friend, Miss Helen was so super sweet to send all these beautiful things to me. I love everything & can't wait to try some of the Scottish recipes for my family. Well, playing with all these fabulous stamps & cardstock is going to be a blast as well, I am soooo excited!!!
  Thank you again Miss Helen, you are so thoughtful & kind...
Big Huggs,

Friday, October 26, 2012

Episode #311 ~ "Soot" Stamping with "Happy Haunts" Stamp Set

Happy Friday Everyone,
  Here is a really fun technique to try... Just make sure you do it in a sink & have water nearby as well. Be very careful, but have fun & make some really ssssspppppoooookkkkyyy cards!
Happy Huggs,

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Episode #310 ~ Yikes! There is a Bear in my Yard!!!

OMGosh you guys,
  I was uploading my previous Pumpkin Poop video when this precious, rather large youngster waddled right past my den window! He is sooooo stinkin' cute & while I was uploading he even came back for more corn. He kept starring up at the hanging ghost upstairs hanging from the balcony, he wasn't to sure what to make of that!
  Aaaahhhh... this is mountain life at it's best!
  Beary Warm Huggs,

Episode #309 ~ Super Simple SUnday #30 Pumpkin Poop!

Happy Sunday Everyone!
  Here is the super sweet Pumpkin Poop Treat that was requested by a viewer. I will post the poem if you need to refer to it so you can make your own. Look for it under Pumpkin Poop and also Halloween. Have a great rest of your Sunday and don't eat to much candy corn. I am trying hard not to!

                                                               Pumpkin Poop Poem
                          I started to carve a pumpkin with my carving knife & scoop.
                          But the pumpkin got a little scared, that he took a little poop!
                          It looked so cute & funny, just like a candy treat
                          So, I am sharing it with you beacause you are so sweet!
Halloween Huggs,

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Episode #308 ~ My Halloween Tree 2012

Happy Tuesday Everyone,
  I am really in the spirit for Halloween & I can't wait to get my whole house decorated! Yesterday, I made the trip through New York State to Hobby Lobby in Middletown, NY. I just love that store & I also make a pit stop at T.J. Maxx also & picked up a few more goodies.
  Deco mesh is such a bomb, I love to work with this stuff! It makes everything look so professional. I started this project with a pre-lit black, 6ft tree from Hobby Lobby. I put lots of Hallween goodies on it & they are not meant to be used as an ornament, but hey... it works for me!
  If you have any questions, please let me know... this is a super quick & fun project to brighten your home.