Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gale's Blog Updates...

Hi Everyone,
  I wanted to quickly let all of you know, I have NOT fallen of the face of the planet! I am having alot of computer problems with  my desktop where I post all my videos & work from. Unfortunately, I am unable to upload the tutorials I have recorded for you. Aaaaaarrrgghhh! This is so frustrating, but please know I am working hard & seeking help with the problem. We had terrible storms here in New Jersey last week & we lost power several times & I think that has affected the computer.
  Please be patient & I will get back to normal as soon as  possible...

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  1. Oh Gale, I hate when that happens. I hope you get your computer straighten out. I'll be waiting patiently for ya... Lots of hugs to you and be safe... Friday