Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Episode 283 ~ February Thank You Cards ~

Hi Everyone,
OMGosh... It feels like I haven't chatted with all of you in so long & it really has only been afew weeks since my last video! Thank you to each & everyone of you that private messaged me & those of you that just wondered what was going on with me. I appreciate all of you & I am doing just fine! Just took alittle break from papercrafting. Sometimes life just get in the way of crafting, lol!!!
In this video, I wanted to make some thankyou cards for afew of my wonderfully, loyal & supportive stamping friends who purchased their Stampin' Up! goodies through my website THANKYOU SO VERY MUCH! I also met a new friend Brenda & she joined my rockin' team!!! I am so excited, woo-hoo!
I am truely blessed & count my blessings each & everyday. Tomorrow I start Grand Jury Duty which will contiune through the end of June. I think this will be a really interesting experience! Hope all is well with each & everyone of you. Thankyou for hanging with me while I took alittle break.
Big Huggs,


  1. OH my goodness Grand Jury Duty! I have Jury Duty for the month of April. I hope you don't have to go every day. I miss you.
    This is an adorable card. I agree with the boarder embossing. It is one of my favorite folders. Such a sweet card and I know it is harder to make a card with at tripod between your legs.
    Gale what kind of camera do you use? I may have to start looking for a new one.

  2. Love the video.....was anxiously waiting for a new one. But it looked like you used your crop a dile incorrectly. The prong end should go into the top of the eyelet. Wouldn't want you to mess up your tool. I had one to break from miss use by someone when I took it to a crop.
    Good luck with jury duty!!!