Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Episode #333 ~ *RED ALERT* Major Haulage! Pt.1

Hi Everyone,
  I just wanted to share with all of you the amazing deals I scooped up today at JoAnn's. I am not sure if this is a corporate situation or exclusive to just my store. Long story short, the entire paper crafting section had signs posted on just about everything saying what was on sale for 40-50% Off. I scooped up a lot of goodies only to find out at the check lane, that nothing was ringing up for the sale price. I showed the manager all the posted signs & he about fell over! Non of what I was getting was supposed to be on sale, but because it was posted that way, they needed to grant the advertised price.
  Again, I am not sure what was going on or if an employee at my local store made a mistake, but it might be worth a stop if you have a JoAnn's nearby.
  I will be back tomorrow with some scrapbook page layouts I have been working on & I am hoping to spend the morning crafting.


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