Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Episode #274 Homemade Hand & Body Scrub

Happy Holidays Everyone,
Today I whipped up lots of homemade gifts for friends & neighbors! I wanted to share this awesome hand & body scrub that you can customize with your favorite scent. I made brown sugar & vanilla, but I have to say, favorite is the brown sugar & lemon! It smells soooo good & makes your hands really soft. I love this stuff & will be painting my nails as well for alittle pampering after a long day of house cleaning & crafting. Woo-Hoo!!!
Here are the measurements : 1 cup brown sugar
1 cup white sugar
Approximently 3/4 cup olive oil
*optional : vanilla extract or lemon extract
Mix well until the consistancy of wet sand & place into glass jar. Decorate outside of jar & label. The person recieving it my have to stir the contents before using if oil settles.
Happy Holidays,


  1. Gale, thank you sooooooo much for your idea. I will have to give a few away for Christmas myself! TFS!!! Merry Christmas.

  2. LOVE this idea Gale!.. The clock is ticking away, and I really appreciate this as one of those last minute Christmas gifts!! I really think homemade gifts are the best, either given OR received; so thank you for sharing how to make this! I can't wait to try it! Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas! ~tina

  3. Hi Tina & Lee...
    Thank you the sweet comments, i am thrilled you are going to try some of these hand & body scrubs. I hope you & your lovely families, have a blessed Christmas & enjoy all that goes with it.
    Thanks for watching & leaving me a comment ~
    Gale :)

  4. Thank you Gale. This is a wonderful idea. I am making Amish Friendship Bread today. I wish you lived by I would bring you some and a starter. I an going to take some to two neighbors. Happy Holiday!

  5. I've heard of these sugar scrubs before. I have a question, which you may not be able to answer. I'm a diabetic...will the sugar be absorbed into my skin? And will it affect my sugar? It seems to me that it won't be on my skin long enuf. But you never know! Thanks Gale and what a great idea! Merry Christmas!

  6. Oh, I have to try this! Sounds like a "yummy" idea!

  7. Hi Jessica,
    Merry, Merry dear... Good question regarding the diabeties. Honestly, I do not know... I would suggest asking your Doctor. I am diabetic as well & I haven't noticed any change in my numbers lately, but i wouldn't be comfortable giving you any kind of medical advice. Better safe then sorry suga' ( no pun intented, Lol!)
    Let me know what the answer is, okay?
    Gale :0