Thursday, May 24, 2012

4th of July Banner Swap!

Hi Crafty Friends,
  Well... It's almost the weekend & I am sooooo looking forward to relaxing & spending time with my family! It;s going be wonderful having my whole family together to celebrate our oldest son's 20th Birthday. It really seems like yesterday, he was alittle baby & I was singing "The Wheels on the Bus" while holding him. Bitter sweet...
  Quickly, I wanted to invite anyone who would like to join in on the 4th of July Banner swap that I am putting together. If you love vintagy looking banners, then this is the swap for you! What better occassion is there to show our American pride! Here is the list of participants:
                                                Deb (shelton 1567)
                                                Steph (steph10892)
                                                Sara (thealffadog)
                                                Maureen M.
  I am in need of 3 more people to finish spelling out "July". So, if you are interested & good with making deadlines, please PM me your name/ y.t. name, address information & e-mail. I will put together a final list with everyone's assigned letter & when it needs to be mailed to me.
  Please, only join in if you can follow through on this, it's really fun, but quickly becomes "not fun" when someone doesn't follow through. Don't get me wrong, I totally undertand that "life" happens & emergencies do come up, but I am talking just generally.
  I can't wait to see everyone's tags & I just love to decorate my home for the 4th of July! I hope you do too...
Big Huggs,


  1. Me! Me! Me! Please????? Love ya Miss Gale!

    Ruthie :)

    1. Miss Ruthie!!! *Twirls around the room* I am soooo excited to have you join us! Yippe... I will put you down & thnk you so much for joining!
      Happy Huggs,
      Gale :)

  2. Hi Gale can you tell me more about what you are looking for? it sounds wonderful and I would love to join if you think I can make what you are looking for. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I'm looking forward to my first Banner Swap. This is going to be fun.

    aka Thealffadog