Sunday, June 10, 2012

Episode #296 ~ Sweet 16 Birthday Card Holder

Happy Sunday Everyone,
  I apologize for being away from the crafting scene for what feels like ages, but i have been very busy with the school year coming to a close. I have also been serving on Grand Jury Duty since March & it is also finally coming to an end.
  That being said... We have our daughter's Sweet 16 Birthday party to look forward to this Friday night! I have out of town guests arriving on Thursday all day & then setting up the room at the golf club. It's going to be very hetic, but i am sure alot of fun for all!
  In this video, I show you how I made the Birthday Card holder so people won't just put them on the table. I found this white bird cage in the wedding section at Walmart & the materials at all sorts of different locations.
  The big day is almost here & I can't wait to share the wonderful pictures with all of you. Wait until you see her gown... GOJUS!
Big Huggs,


  1. Beautiful card container Gale. Sounds like you are very busy. Don't over do. The party sounds wonderful. Looking forward to seeing the dress.
    Oh did you get my email address?

  2. Hope you have the best time ever Friday. Good wishes for your daughters 16th!!!!!! The card holder is so very creative, it is so pretty. Thank you for caring and sharing.
    mhalford6 @ aol. com