Sunday, October 21, 2012

Episode #310 ~ Yikes! There is a Bear in my Yard!!!

OMGosh you guys,
  I was uploading my previous Pumpkin Poop video when this precious, rather large youngster waddled right past my den window! He is sooooo stinkin' cute & while I was uploading he even came back for more corn. He kept starring up at the hanging ghost upstairs hanging from the balcony, he wasn't to sure what to make of that!
  Aaaahhhh... this is mountain life at it's best!
  Beary Warm Huggs,


  1. So were in NJ are you? I just can't image a bear in NJ. LOL I live in WI and we have them up North. Well some one said there is one near my house but I have not see it. Very cool. Now are you going to start feeding him? I hear they like donuts. LOL TFS

  2. A bear in NJ!!! When we lived in NH a cub climbed up the porch posts to my mom's second story apt, to get at her bird feeder! She took pix, and they made the little local paper! Her dog went crazy, and wanted out. But of course she wouldn't let her out. I don't think it came back. But what a tale for her to tell.
    Hugs, Jess

  3. Wow, Bears in NJ. We get them here in MN near the WI border. A couple of years ago we even had a big buck stand right in the middle of our street around midnight. If our boys had not been with us to witness it people would have thought we had been drinking. LOL Hopefully your sweet dog is not out when the bear arrives. Hugs, Cindy