Thursday, February 21, 2013

Episode #324 ~ 2012 Favorite Books

Hi Everyone,
  I hope you are having a pleasant week, mine has been the usual craziness that it always is... A big thank you goes out to Miss Maureen in Texas for reminding me to make this video! I completely forgot & I am appreciative that she reminded me. If any of you have other book suggestions, I would love to hear them. Please share the one's you have enjoyed.
  Well, I am off to bowling and then we have 2 basketball games tonight!
Big Huggs,


  1. I am soooo glad you posted this video! I can remember seeing this blog with a lady talking about books by an antique desk but could never remember who it was...and I never saw the desk again, not knowing this is a once a year post...NOW I know!! LOL One of my absolute favorite books on your list is the Kitchen House...I have recommended it to everyone! I'm glad you mentioned Little Bee being like it...I have not read that one yet but it's now on my list! Thanks Bunches
    Diana B Jonesboro, Ga

  2. HI Diana,
    LOL... Yes, my little antique desk is where I always do my Top 10 Books Review. I am so glad you found me again!!! I loved Kitchen House & I know you will enjoy "Little Bee". I love those kinds of books & you are from Georgia too... We were hoping to get relocated there this year as my husband works for UPS & their Corporate offices are in Atlanta. Well, maybe next year. Let me know if you have any book recommendations as well, I just came from the book store & picked up a few new ones.
    Happy Reading,
    Gale :)