Monday, October 13, 2014

Episode #428- Ghostly Treat Box

Happy Columbus Day Friends,

  It's a rainy, yucky day here in Chicago - it's my house cleaning day & so I am of course playing in my craft room first! The cleaning can wait just a little bit!!!

  I have been itching to play with this awesome new Curly Keepsake Box from Stampin' Up! so i looked around on Pinterest & got my inspiration from a gal named Nancyprints. She had done a card & i simply adjusted it to make into a treat box. The candy corn will go in ON halloween, because if I do it now… my teenage son will eat it! Momma likes it too ~

  Give this fun project a try, I know they will be a huge hit when I pass them out to neighbors & friends at the Halloween Party we are going to this weekend.

Happy Crafting -



  1. Hi Gale, I love watching your videos. You always have wonderful ideas. Wish I had more time to spend crafting. Working 70 hours a week puts a damper on that.

    1. Hi there dear, thank you for the sweet compliment - I really appreciate it! Wowza, working 70 hours a week is tough. I hope you can slow down a little bit & find sometime to create. It helps me to relax & scrapbooking bring back such great memories. Be good to yourself sweetie ~

  2. I just absolutely LOVE that pretty spooky ring AND the treat boxes of course!!
    Diana B.

    1. Hi Diana, (aka ladydi47)
      What a fun screen name, love it! I received this cool spider ring years ago from a thoughtful viewer. I always think of her when I wear it! I love making treat boxes & this curvy die is so fun & so simple. I saw some really great examples at a team meeting I went to over the weekend. One was the wonky snowman from the movie "Frozen"!!! Sooooo cute! Thanks for watching & leaving me a comment. *hugs*

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Miss Linda,
      Thank you sweetie, you are always so supportive & I appreciate that! I saw some really cute ideas for this curvy treat box at a team meeting over the weekend & I can't wait to try some of the fun ideas. Treat boxes are perfect for the upcoming holidays & who doesn't love to receive yummy treats?!@#$%^&*
      Big Hugs -