Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Boo Too You | Halloween Card ~

Hi Everyone,
I have a fun project and even better idea to share with all your friends and neighbors...
Recently while scrolling through Facebook I saw a post from a nice gal who said she was making cards for people who decorated there homes for Halloween! I thought - GREAT IDEA!!! In our house, I LOVE to decorate for all the holidays and if you head over to my YouTube Channel you can see the video from yesterday is my 2019 Halloween Home Tour. 
Decorating takes a lot of time and effort and I know I want to say thank you to my neighbors that put the effort into making their homes look festive.

I am going to keep these in my car along with a pen so I can leave a quick note at any home that deserves to be thanked for making the neighborhood festive.

Happy Halloween,

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