Friday, September 9, 2011

Episode 255 ~ It's a " K & Company " GIVE-AWAY!!!

Happy Friday Everyone,
I am doing a fantabulous "K & Company" Give-Away!!! I think this would make a wonderful way to celebrate all things "Family!"
You must be a subscriber to my blog & please leave me a comment on what family, holiday traditions you enjoy the most. I can't wait to read what each & everyone of you does with your family & friends.
Good Luck & I will pick a winner on Thursday, Spetmeber 15th, 2011...
Big Huggs,


  1. Im already a subscriber.. Theres so many great family holiday traditions its hard to pick just one.. When I was a kid my grandma would always give my brother and I a present to open on Christmas Eve.. and then we got to open the ones from our mom the morning of Christmas and the rest from our family later in the day. My husband and I now give our baby girl 1 present on Christmas Eve and the rest in the morning on Christmas and everyone elses later on Christmas (from my family anyway) So its kind of a little tradition I remember from being a child and I think the best part is that my husband and I continued it with our baby.. (his grandma also let him open one on Christmas Eve when he was a child so it's perfect!). thanks for the chance to win!!

  2. Im already a subscriber- My fav. tradition to do with my kids is going to the pumpkin patch and the corn maze. I love the pictures we take. we always get apple cider, and a picture taken in the same spot each year!

  3. Our most favorite holiday tradition is opening up our gifts at midnight. I love love love the tree lights that glitter and shine, it makes it magical. We tried one year to open gifts in the morning and it was such a letdown. We have never tried it again...thanks for the chance to win..
    kimbob27 at hotmail dot com

  4. I'm already a follower of your blog!!! My favorite tradition is decorating for Christmas. Each one of our kids has a tree and I have a lot of trees as well. I LOVE to cook different things for Christmas other than the traditional food. We love to make gingerbread houses and cookies as well. I'm from Puerto Rico so I try to include recipes from my country during the holidays!!!
    thanks for the opportunity to enter your giveaway!!!
    best regards,

  5. Hi Gale, thank you for the great giveaway, It is so hard to pick one family tradition but I will have to say that is Christmas because all my family is together we open the present all together at midnight on christmas eve, we always have a great time and memories that last forever.

  6. One of my favorite traditions is not for a holiday but my mom and I always love attending the fall festivals together. Tomorrow is the first of many that we go to and I cant wait!


  7. Gale, I am already a subscriber. My family tradition is every Christmas Eve we go to my Mom's house and eat traditional tapas from Spain, which is our native country. My Mom prepares a variety of meats, cookies and such. Afterwards the children each get a gift, which is always pj's and now that they are older she always stashees cash or another small gift inside!

  8. I am a subscriber and love your blog. Christmas Eve is a big night for our family. We rent a local township hall and my family and my husband's family gather for a potluck dinner, games with the kids, the men playing cards, and everyone visiting all day and evening.

  9. My favorite holiday tradition...hmmm I think watching my sweetie put together the tree! lol He grumbles a bit through out, but every year after I've decorated it... he says that really does look like a real tree! I most love that my sons and their girls come to see me. We have to share them with their in-laws, so it' not an all day thing. But it's enough for me to get a little face time with them. We are a happy little family when we're together.
    I've been a subscriber for a long time, and enjoy your videos. Thanks for the chance to win Gale.

  10. I'm a follower of your blog. My daughter and I enjoy baking holiday cookies. For many years, we have given them as gifts to family members and they really love receiving them. One year because time just got away from me, we didn't do them and they were a little disappointed.

    Thanks for the chance to win.
    Tracey Johnson

  11. I'm a subscriber. My favorite Christmas tradition is letting our little one decorate the tree with the plastic Christmas baubles.

  12. Good morning Gale. Wow how nice of you to ask about people's traditions and offer a give away to boot. I am a subscriber and love K and Co products! I have two traditions to share. A little background: my son, his wife, and their three children live with me.
    The first is for Thanksgiving. We have our traditional dinner early in the afternoon. Then once the table is cleared and cleaned the whole family starts Game Day. We do all kinds of board and card games. As each player makes a move they have to write down an item on their Christmas wish list. Football is big in our house, so we have the games going on at the same time we're playing so there is plenty of excitement and noise! At the end of all the noise and games there are plenty of items on the wish lists and ideas for the upcoming shopping days.
    The second tradition is on Christmas Eve. We share three stories with the children before they go to bed. My daughter in law narrates Santa Mouse first and then my son narrates The Night Before Christmas. As we read the stories, every one takes a character and has to act out the parts. It's really fun.
    I must say since my grandchildren are older now (16, 14, 11) their characterizations are quite funny. Finally, we read the Story of the Birth of Christ. The children have a birthday party for Jesus and must represent as an animal at the stable. We've had some really strange animals. Last year my grandson was a Zebra! All the children and adults love these readings, and I especially like the fact we do a birthday party of Jesus right before they go to bed!
    Hope you get lots of ideas on your Family Traditions quest.

  13. Hi Gale!!! What an awesome give away!!! I have been a subscriber for a while an love your videos!!!
    My Grandmother's (Mom's mom) Birthday is Dec. 2nd...I was born Sept.6th 1972...On her birthday in 1972 (I was only 3 months old) my grandmother was admitted into the hospital. She died on the 14th. Just before my very 1st Christmas...To honor her...I named my first daughter after her...VIVIAN...and EVERY Christmas since 1972 we always decorate for Christmas on the 2nd of December to celebrate what would be her Birthday!!!
    Valerie Martin

  14. What a nice give away Gale! Of course I'm a subscriber! A favorite Holiday tradition. My children are grown now with children of their own. When they were little and I'd set the table for Thanksgiving or Christmas I would always include a pretty glass for them and we'd buy Sparkling Cider and fill their glass with it. They all thought they were pretty big stuff. Today, no matter the Holiday there is always sparkling cider on their tables, what a fun tradition to see carried forward.
    Hugs, Patti

  15. Want a nice giveaway. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win. I am already a subscriber. We get as many extended family members who are around together on Christmas Eve. Around noon that day we start a big pot of rice soup that is made by simmering rice in milk all afternoon. As the milk cooks down, more is added. We then dish it up and hide an almond in one bowl. Whoever gets the almond gets a special gift which can range from a gift card to a game. We serve this soup with cinnamon and sugar and cinnamon rolls on the side. We then read the Christmas story and exchange gifts.

  16. hey gale,

    hope you're doing well.

    wow love the giveaway. i am a follower of your blog an youtube. also have your blog in my favlist in my sidebar.

    family means a lot to me. we don't do halloween in our country, but since my father died on halloween in 2007 we now carve a pumpkin every year and light a candle in it for my dad. we also decorate our livingroom. halloween is now something that has become a very important day in our live.
    you never can spend enough time with the family.


  17. Gale what an awsome giveaway I am a subscriber one of my families traditions at Christmas was on Christmas Eve my mom always gave my twin sister and I a gift to open and it was new pj's to wear that night that is a tradition that we continued with our children every year I love your videos thanks for sharing

  18. One of my favorite holiday traditions is at Christmas. Following dinner, we all get together and have game night. The house is full of laughter and fun. Everyone from the youngest to the oldest is involved. We have a ball. Thanks for the chance to win such a great giveaway.

  19. My favorite holiday tradition is the Thanksgiving Day one. After turkey dinner and clean up while the guys go watch football, the women and children look over the paper and discuss Christmas. we usually get our lists done, stay up all night and accomplish the shopping very early the next day. Black Friday is our last day of shopping for the Christmas holiday. Now that shopping is over, we get to celebrate the Christmas season the way it should be baking and spending time with family and friends with great feelings of not being rushed because our shopping is done!!

  20. Gale, Everyone who knows me would say Christmas is the time I enjoy the most. I love putting up trees in every room and seeing people enjoy looking at them and seeing the ornaments. When I remarried and we moved into our home in 2002, the first tree we had was large but we didn't have all our ornaments unpacked so I put my bear collection inside the tree branches with a few of the special ornaments we did have out - it has become a tradition now and the little bear faces peak out of the branches still. I always wanted a Christmas wedding, so we were married on Dec. 22 - and requested if someone did a gift it would be a special ornament!

  21. I'm a subscriber! My favorite Christmas tradition is attending Midnight Mass with my husband and kids on Christmas Eve.

  22. What a wonderful giveaway. I love reading abut everyone's holiday traditions. The one that comes to my mind is the fact that as I and my brother were growing up we always had a real Santa come on Christmas Eve. After I got married and had my boys, I carried on that tradition and Santa always came on Christmas Eve. One year my husbad had a talk with Santa and told him one of our boys had been pretty naughty. When Santa showed up he said he had to talk to him about his behavior. He got so scared and ran upstairs and wouldn't come down. We finally got him to come down to get his gift, but the pictures from that year are just priceless. The two youngest are now 12 and 10, but are still "pretending" not to know the truth, but Santa always comes through. I'm not sure I'm ready to give it up either :)

  23. This is such a nice idea Gale

    My favorite Holiday tradition is Thanks Giving Fall being my favorite time of year. I love to decorate the house in all the beautiful fall colors ahhhhhhhh the aroma of cinnamon and apples.I make a huge thanksgiving dinner from soup to nuts the whole family comes over, we watch the parade while fixing diner and laugh and talk about old times when we were young just a great family day.