Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Leaving' On A Jet Plane...

Hi Crafty Friends,
  I hope you are all enjoying your summer, we are having a wonderful time together camping & seeing the sights! I just wanted to let you know that I will be at Stampin' Up! Convention in Salt Lake City as of TODAY! Yippee... I leave around dinner time & I can't express how excited I am! It is my first time going & it's the 25th Anniversary Celebration & I know they go all out for their consultants.
  As soon as I arrive home on Saturday, I turn immediately around & fly to Dallas for the Mary Kay 50th Anniversary Convention! OMGosh... pinch me, I think I am dreaming ~ This has been a long awaited "Mom Get-Away" as I have never left my family before. LOL, our oldest is 21 yrs. old & the other 2 are in H.S., is it is withe much excitement that I pack my bags. Scrubby will have his hands full, but he's wonderful & I have pre-made the dinners for him & I know they will be fine.
  When I get back from MaryKay, I will post lots of pictures & share all that I have learned. This is really going to be a whirlwind week for me...
Big Huggs,


  1. Wishing you a wonderful week at both conventions. I'm sure you deserve a mom get away. I know I did when I had two sons in high school. I often wondered if I...or they... would make it through the terrible teens. But we did survive. And now I have wonderful grand children and even a great grand daughter who will be 3 in september! And they both turned out to be wonderful men too. So it was all very worth it. Enjoy!

  2. Have a great time a both conventions Gale! Enjoy my neck of the woods here in Dallas Gale!
    Valerie Martin

  3. Hi Jessica,
    Yes, we all deserve a little get-away weekend trip now & then to re-energize ourselves! And the S/Up! Convention was WONDERFUL! I have lots of project ideas I want to share with you & everyone, so when I get back from Mary Kay Convention, I will get a video posted right away.
    Do you think Dallas could be any hotter than it is right now??? I must be crazy!
    Gale :)