Sunday, January 25, 2015

Episode #435 ~ *New* Craft Room Tour Pt. 2

Hi Crafty Friends,

  Here is Pt. 2 of my 3 Part *New* Room Tour! I hope you enjoy it and get some new ideas for storage and organizing. Thank you so much for watching and leaving all your fun comments. They mean the world to me!



  1. Oh my goodness your room is amazing. I can not imagine moving all your lovely treasures. I have to redo my room and make room because we are making a small apartment there. I feel so over my head on this project. Were are you living now? Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Linda

    1. Hi Miss Linda,
      We were relocated back to Illinois after being in New Jersey for the past 8 1/2 years. We are super happy to be home & about an hour from Chicago. I feel your pain dear, re-organizing is a HUGE job. But, it is well worth it. My suggestions would be to label everything and utilize wall space as much as you can, that helped me a lot. I'd love to see your progress, so please share as you move along. Good luck!
      Gale :)