Thursday, May 25, 2017

Momma Duck 🦆 Gets News Coverage!

Hi Everyone,
If you follow me on Facebook you know about the sweet momma and daddy Duck that have blessed us with making their home in our yard. I give daily updates on her and the incredible story of her natural love and acceptance of a plastic Easter egg that she found in the yard that blew off one of my Easter decorations. 
This incredible creature has brought this bright green plastic egg into her nest alongside of all seven (7) of her real eggs and sits on them all day every day. 
A friend, Cathy suggested that I contact the t.v. stations here in Chicago and after giving it some thought I did and ABC Channel 7 News here in Chicago was at our house within a hour! They loved the story, so keep your eye out for it tonight on the 5,6 or 10pm news! They mic''d me up and I shared her sweet story ~

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