Thursday, August 3, 2017

Ep.#581 ~ Marbling Technique | Colorful Seaons By Stampin' Up!

Fall is in the air, fall is in the air - yippee skippy!
I am sooooo looking forward to creating cards and scrapbook pages for fall and everything that goes along with it. I miss football my fireplace and decking out the house in all the beautiful colors that can only mean one season... FALL!!!
I hadn't done the Marbling Technique is forever so I thought it was high time to bust out my marbles. The beauty of this techqnue is that no two cards will ever be the same! I am anxious to make some pretty Halloween backgrounds using roange and black too, how funky will that be?

I hope you give this fun technique a try, it's super fun and quick as well.
Happy Hugs,

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