Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Episode 192 ~ Wen Conditioning Shampoo & QVC

Hi crafty friends,
Okay... Since I recieved quite afew messages yesterday in my in-box about the Wen Conditioning Shampoo, I thought to save time that I would do a video for you to hopefully answer all of your questions.
I purchased a box that contained 6 different types & I ordered it from QVC (my favorite!). If you are interested in recieving one of the DVD's that came with it, I will be happy to send one to you. I only have four, so they will go to the first four people to request one.
You can private message me your address information & I will get them out to you right away.
Thanks for watching...
Having a great hair day!


  1. I love Wen hair care. My best friend gave it to me when I visited her. My hair was dry and not in good condition and with using it, it's been fabulous. I'm glad someone else loves it, too.

    sjpenkacik at gmail dot com

  2. You should work for them. I see they have a web sight. I am going to look into it. I swim and I try not to get my hair wet because the water is hard on it. Maybe if I use this I could enjoy my swim more. That for all the info Gale your the best.

  3. Gale, you are so sweet and funny! This was a great video--informative in a "chat with the girls" sort of way. I'm going to try this product, although I'm not sure which scent/flavor is best. I find that the texture of my hair (most notably the ones that are being "covered" LOL) is not as soft and smooth as it used to be. I'm also pretty dry--have been my whole life! Any suggestions!?
    TFS..and by the way, your bathroom looks beautiful! Perfect for a "calgon take me away" moment!

    Thanks, again!

  4. Mrs.Gale you are so fun ! Man if only we lived closer we would have a ball ! I would love to get my hands on this shampoo ! My hair is weird-o ! Its oily at the roots and dry on the ends so I have a hard time with shampoo and conditioner ! I cant put conditioner on the roots because it will be oily in no time ! I would love to find the right shampoo for my hair ! Wonder if they have a crazy lady hair concoption lol ? Thanks for sharing !